Survey of the Space – Jörg Plickat’s Recent Sculptures

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The Drostei Foundation has opened the most comprehensive solo exhibition in Germany to showcase and honour Jörg Plickat’s work on the occation of the artist’s 60th birthday. Born in 1954 in Hamburg, Jörg Plickat is one of Germany’s most prominent sculptors of his generation.
Acting like an architect, Jörg Plickat plays with geometric shapes, adds cubes or remove them again. Experimenting and swirling the geometric forms on the head, around its own axis, he is changing the perspectives. Monumental beams made of steel are turned, curved or bent. Granite cubes are moved into each other, in process of construction and reduction.

Main subject in Plickat’s work is to challenge the position of the figure in space. The intention to deal with volume, space and balance runs like a thread through his sculptural work but also at his nude drawings of the early years. The title of the exhibition „The Survey of the Space. Sculptures and Drawings“ aspects these motifs, presenting a fascinating selection of previously unreleased artworks, sculptural works in stone, bronze and steel, diagrams and drawings from different periods of Plickat’s thirty-year career.
Jörg Plickat is living in Bredenbek in Germany, but working and exhibiting worldwide. In 2011 he was selected to teach as guest professor first at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art and Design of the Tsinghua University Beijing and than several times at the China National Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, and in 2014 he tought at Spain’s eldest and top-grade university, the Universidad Conplutense de Madrid, UCM.

The Drostei Foundation organized Plickats’s retrospective solo show completing this unique exhibition in Germany with a documentary section, showcasing architectural landscape models and photographs on Alu-Dibond. One of the highlights of the show are the day and night site installations of the large outdoor sculptures “Dialogue” and “Divided World” at Drostei entrance terrace and Park. Plickat’s sculptures are so big and heavy that they always require logistical precision. Therefore special traffic road permits were needed to get them to the Drostei Foundation in Pinneberg.
Anyway and anywhere, Plickat’s site specific outdoor sculptures raise the question about recent global changes in social and economic constellations. How are people living together? How do they communicate? Caused by economic and political globalization, transformations of architectual public spaces without identity are booming up. Faceless and surreal districts. Even if they are real, they were perceived as unreal. Plickat’s monumental works in public space however, whether in Pinneberg, Beijing or New Orleans, challenge the space in an ambivalent, visionary way. This German artist is a cross between an architect, poet, philantropist, provocateur and visionairy.

The architecture of the exhibition space in Pinneberg, the historical Rococo building of Drostei Foundation, features the characteristic Baroque elements, dynamism, strong curves and general complexity, which allows to create corridors with different, always unexpected perspectives to point out the sculptural proportions, to move the viewer through them and through the space surrounding them.

Inside this fluidity of design and proportion a sense of emotion is coming up, when the viewer perceives the genesis of the artist’s sculptural forms, from the relative simplicity of a geometrical form to the complexity of circles or multi level geometrical constructions. No doubt, this show is creating an unforgetable feeling of space in motion, when the entire room becomes part of the sculptural field. No coffee, but survey of space to take-away.


The Survey of the Space. Sculptures and Drawings. Jörg Plickat’s 60th Birthday Solo Exhibition. February 8 – March 29, 2015



Drostei Foundation -Dingstätte 23, 25421 Pinneberg, Germany, Phone + 49. (0)4101.210 30, Email:
OPENING HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 AM – 5 PM
CATALOGUE: Drostei Foundation launches a fully illustrated catalogue that will accompany the Jörg Plickat exhibition.


CONTACT DROSTEI: Artistic Director Stefanie Fricke

CONTACT AUTHOR Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund Art Historian, Curator

Photo: Hayo Heye Jörg Plickat, Sculpture „Divided World“ in front of Drostei Foundation


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